The Office for Science and Technology is glad to invite you to the French American Innovation Days on Physics and Environment. Organized jointly by the Harte Research Institute (USA), CEEBIOS (France), Myceco (France) and the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy, this event will take place virtually on September 13th, 15th and 17th 2021.

The objective of a FAID is to bring together French and American leading-edge players: researchers from the public and private sectors, professors, startups and companies of all sizes, as well as PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, in order to collaborate and accelerate research on a given set of topics. Typically, a FAID facilitates the creation of new links and collaborations. It may also lead to recruitments (e.g. post-doctoral students) or the signing of contracts. 

This 2021 edition entitled Physical Sciences and Engineering solutions for the Environment, will be virtual and devoted to 3 main themes: Energy, Water and Resilience, highlighting holistic and bio-inspired approaches, especially biomimicry ones. Biomimicry aims to learn from nature to engineer the future. The discipline looks to solve problems faced by humans by observing how organisms and natural systems deal with the very same issues.

Here is a brief introduction to Biomimicry applied to energy (in the context of the anniversary of the Paris Agreement):