Lynda Amichi (OST); Larry McKinney (Harte Research Institute); Kalina Raskin (Ceebios); Chrystelle Roger (Myceco); Renaud Seigneuric (OST).

Myceco, Bois Colombes, France

Myceco is a company resolutely focused on contributory innovation with a high impact on the Defense / Ecology / Economy triptych. Myceco is a project accelerator and a biotope of ideas breaking with traditional patterns, placing nature and its capacities at the center of innovation. Biomimicry is the tool for establishing the link between fundamental research, innovation and industry in the service of ecological transition.

CEEBIOS, Senlis, France

Ceebios is a center of expertise dedicated to the deployment of biomimicry in France. It is a national network of industrial, academic and institutional players, who aim to accelerate the ecological and societal transition through biomimicry. This approach considers the adaptation strategies of living things to their environment and to be inspired by them to innovate in a sustainable manner.

The field of this “responsible bio-inspired innovation” extends from technological fields (materials, forms, processes) to the intangible themes of management, the use of resources, cooperation and the collective performance of organizations.

HARTE Research Institute, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, USA

The Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies (HRI) is the only marine research institute dedicated solely to advancing the long-term sustainable use and conservation of the world’s ninth-largest body of water. HRI integrates outstanding scientific research with public policy to provide international leadership in generating and disseminating knowledge about the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem and its critical role in the economies of the North American region

The Office for Science & Technology of the Embassy of France, USA

The Office for Science and Technology (OST), a team of 24 staff members including professors, senior researchers and engineers located in the Embassy (Washington, DC) and 6 consular offices (Atlanta – Boston – Chicago – Houston – Los Angeles – San Francisco) is dedicated to bilateral FR-US collaborations in Science and Technology.

The OST’s main priorities are to monitor and report advances in Science and Technology in the US through newsletters and diplomatic channels, promote bilateral partnerships in science, technology and innovation, foster exchanges and increase mobility of researchers, doctoral students and entrepreneurs, serve as a liaison between French and American academic and scientific organizations as well as between the two countries’ central governments and the European Delegation, increase the visibility of France’s foremost laboratories, universities and start-ups, support young innovative companies and the internationalization of competitiveness clusters.

Close collaboration between the OST and other diplomatic divisions, such as the Economic Department, the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France as well as French Research Organizations ( CNRS InsermCNES, CEA), allows the OST to efficiently handle the many economic and social implications of current science and technology issues.