Video I:

02m07s Resilience in the Built Environment: Learning from Nature by Chloe Demrovsky, DRII International, USA,

9min33s Natural Infrastructure – Oysters and Oyster Reefs as Living Seawalls by Jennifer Pollack, Harte Research Institute, USA,

17min02s Biomimetic Oyster reef building by Evelyn Tickle, Grow Oyster Reef, USA,

54min15s New Aquitania : Eco-District by Nicolas Vernoux-Thélot, In-Situ Architecture, France

01h08min Biomimicry in French sustainable urban projects: trends and perspectives from the practice by Eduardo Blanco, CEEBIOS, France,

01h16min A definition framework for climate change resilience and adaptation in the Built environment by Karim Selouane, Resallience (Vinci), France,

01h36min Coastal cities seen as socio-ecosystems systems: challenges and opportunities in the face of climate change by Ulsia Urea Marino, Harte Research Institute, USA,

01h47min BCarbon: Sequestering Carbon Naturally for Economic, Physical and Social Resilience by Jim Blackburn, Baker Institute- Rice University, USA,

Video II:

Focus on Biomimicry Water Management by Chrystelle Roger, CEO & founder of Myceco