Workshop 2

Biomimicry Innovation Workshop

  1. Introduction
  2. Presenting Nan and Hugo
  3. Biominga
  4. Making groups
  5. Assignement on Resilience
    We will use the same set of 3 cards for all groups (and try to combine the solutions afterwards)
    1. Short presentation within each group: name, organization, current role + what is biomimicry for me (5 min for the group)?
    2. Choose 1 spokesperson per group (to present the idea later on)
    3. Think collectively at 2 levels:
      1. Personal resilience (resilience for me)?
      2. Organizational resilience (resilience for the organization I am currently in)
  6. Discussion and visual mapping with 7 vortex
    Findings for each group (spokesperson)
  7. How to combine these ideas?
  8. Life principles
  9. Q&A

Co-sponsored by Texas A&M Engineering and TEES